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About Us

About Us

img-45As one of the most recent establishments, Thai Traveler Tours is a well determined and goal oriented company within the travel and touring industry. Known for the bold determination and passion to serve and perform all parts professionally, Thai Traveler Tours has successfully set forth its extraordinary features, marking it to the top of the best tour and travel services provider. Quality as the top priorities of all time, Thai Traveler Tours strives to provide the finest selection of services to accommodate and serve our worldwide, welcoming consumers. With a dedicated goal to efficiently provide consumers with local tour guides with experiences, Thailand Traveler Tours offers remarkable package tours in Thailand, attracting high numbers of consumers and tourists from all over the globe.

Quality thrived, no hidden fees, and ‘honest’ to the core, Thai Traveler Tours is a fully licensed tour company that strives to provide tourists the best services of all time. Our tour packages circle around the most famous destinations in Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui. As our routes have stretched from the north to the south, going through all Thailand’s most attractive harbors along with the outstanding package tours will only mark the smiles on the faces of our tourists.

Thai Traveler Tours is a co-owned Thai and foreign partnership company that fully reign in the best, finest services. As a medium that connects the realms of both worlds together, Thailand Traveler Tours not only provides tourists convenience but also strives to demonstrate and present Thailand’s major beauty through its diverse culture, mesmerizing landscapes, scenery, and its people. As the dimensions of the different destinations vary, it is highly crucial to provide essential information whenever a border in a new destination is crossed. With our Thailand package tours, international tourists will have their hands on the best experiences along with broader perspectives. To grab hold onto the most ‘desirable’ and ‘relaxing’ experiences here in Thailand, Thailand Traveler Tours provide tourists what they need to adjust and enjoy Thailand’s vigorous dynamics.

Our Professionals
Thai Traveler Tours solely reigns in elites who are vibrant, active, and well trained to be a part of the team. Ranging from professionally trained tour guides with experiences to drivers and other staffs, we believe the selection of professionals working in the team is highly considerate. Working alongside each other for several years, the team is advanced and fully determined. Creativity in workplace is also one of the most important factors we need in the team. To successfully launch new touring projects and destination plans, we enable our professionals and staffs to relay their ideas into work. Our tour guides often conduct quality tour guides due to their intimate experience and knowledge in specific areas, keeping the trips informative, enjoyable and exciting.

What makes Thai travel tours the first choice when it comes to private tours, is the direct involvement of its management level directors with Overseeing each and every tour conducted, and following up directly with customers before and after Each service provided. With all this major features in hand, Thai Traveler Tours tops the list of ‘Best Tour Guide Companies’ as it provides tourists the ‘honest’ tour package that involves and invests in all the passion and hard-work professionals and staffs put their efforts in. Revel in Thailand’s mesmerizing beauty, discover the mysterious secrets, and explore Thailand beyond its borders.

Upcoming Breakthroughs

Thai Traveler Tours currently conducts operations from our Bangkok office headquarter, and through our hubs in Pattaya and Phuket by collaborating with partner companies. But our ambitions don’t stop here, we plan to start a third hub in the city of Chiangmai in the north during 2016. With these multiple hubs and partner companies we always guarantee the best and most efficient tours possible.

Another breakthrough for us will come in the form of expanding our tours to outside of Thailand as well, We currently conducts tours only in Thailand, but our plans for the near future include expanding our tours to neighboring countries like, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar for the first step, and second step to Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore

Work Philosophy
Thai Traveler Tours is proud to adapt the slogan “for all your traveling needs” as its Motto and as the base for its working philosophy. For us the customer is and always will be the priority and attending to the customers every single need truly is our utmost pleasure.

บริษัท เอ.เค. พลาสติกแมชชินเนอรี่ จำกัด 62/2 หมู่ที่ 4, ซอยแคแถว ถนนเพชรเกษม,
ตำบล ท่าตำหนัก อำเภอ นครชัยศรี,
นครปฐม 73120 ไทย
โทร: (+66 034) 326972-3
แฟ๊ก: (+66 034) 326971